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Avia Cargo Ltd. is a forwarding company specializing in airfreight. 

An air cargo is used primarily for the delivery of the valuable, perishable and urgent goods. Because of the geographical specific of our country, delivery to some areas is possible only by air, and our company can help you with such transfers.  Air cargo is a rather expensive way of delivery, but despite this, it is becoming increasingly popular.

Our company is engaged in domestic and international airfreight. We’re working with major Russian and foreign airlines for a long time.

The advantages of air cargo
  • The speed of delivery (it is particularly important for international and intercontinental transport of goods)
  • Ability to deliver cargo even to the most remote and inaccessible regions of the world
  • Absence of restrictions on the nature and volume of cargo (perishable, valuable, dangerous, heavy, small and oversized)
  • High guarantee of cargo safety
  • Simplification of customs procedures
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