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International Air Transportation

Avia Cargo Ltd. operates scheduled air cargo flights on international routes. International airfreight is the most reliable, fast and convenient way to deliver your cargo to any point in the world.

Our company has agent agreements with all foreign and Russian airlines performing flights to/from Koltsovo airport, so we are able to arrange export airfreight of all types of goods to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America.

We have also an extensive agency network all over the world, so we are able to arrange import transportation from any point of Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, from countries of Southeast Asia and Indochina.

International air cargo services:

· Import&Export Airfreight

· Warehouse services of storage and repackaging

· Goods insurance

· Track and freight forwarding

· Preparation of documents, customs clearance of cargo at the airport of the departures/arrivals

· International airfreight of goods and their further delivery from the airport of the arrivals to the final destination warehouse (door-to-door service)

Avia Cargo Ltd. is the member of international associates:

· A member of the worldwide network of freight forwarders «WWPC Network»

· A member of China Global Logistics Network «CGLN» (WCA Family)

· A member of «Worldwide Cargo Network Association» (WCNA)